Thursday, August 12, 2010

Nyte Angel has been playing in the crypt with... a friend. We really caught the "essence" of Nyte in the photo shoot done by Riggor Mortiss.
She seemed to feel... at home here in the crypt. She needed NO posing advice. She Knew how to be Nyte Angel. Riggor will be telling a ghost story in the next few days.To be totally accurate.... we will be filming the episode on Friday the 13th.... How cool is that? We've been wanting to get something for people to view, but we decided to do it on Friday the 13th, to give it a creepy feel.
Tell your fiends... er..uhm... FRIENDS to be sure to check it out on You Tube in the next few days!


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

From the Crypt of Riggor Mortiss and Nyte Angel:
"We would love to read your comments about the horrible mess we are creating.... please be vocal!"- Nyte Angel

The Show opening

Well, we finally are at it! Nyte Angel and I are finished with the new set, and are currently laying out shots for the first few episodes. We are so excited! Maybe someone who needs a horror figure to come to an event can contact us, and we can gain followers..... Wow. It's happening!
We've uploaded the show opening to you tube and facebook.
We are also working on a website for your perusal...... We hope you enjoy!
Well, that's it for now, but we'll keep you posted as to what we're gonna do and when. -Riggor-