Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Alternative Realities T.V. appearance

Great News!!!
September 5, 2010 marks Nyte Angel and Riggor Mortiss' FIRST official public appearance. Thanks to Dr. Sigmund Zoid and the VORTEX, we were transported into inter-dimensional space and even co-hosted "Spider Baby" with the Zoid-ster. We were so overjoyed, Riggor Mortiss lost his trademark "Riggor-stick" somewhere in the vast expanse! Riggor used to use it as a concentration focal point, but after the wide reception they received amongst the fellow horror hosts, he quickly realized that such a prop was really unnecessary for him.
Soon after this appearance, Riggy and Nyte emerged with their own hosted flick, "The Screaming Skull", soon followed up with "Nightmare Castle" and then "FIVE." For the Halloween celebration, the duo has decided to host "Night of the Living Dead"..... Halloween and NOTLD go together like eyeballs and socket-sauce!

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